Puri moves to new address,the work shop space doubled

Puri moves to new address,the work shop space doubled, capacity improved three times Puri International Technology Co., Ltd moves to new address in Dec.18th,2012.The area improves from hundreds Square meters to more than a thousands square meters.We expand the light workshop,clean workshop,SMT workshop and gas-filled workshop, we also double our warehouse for components and finished products.In a word, the capacity of Puri has been improved three times.

HQ Room 2212-2216, 22nd Floor, No. 58,
Add£º Jinxin Road, Pudong, Shanghai,China
Tel£º 021-50318411 50318412
  ¡¡¡¡50318413 50318414
Fax£º 021-50318418   50318428
Email: info@goldensign.net

Factory Add: Heqin town, Pudong, Shanghai,China
Tel£º 021-50429732 50429765 50429827
Fax£º 021-55220967    
Email£º info@goldensign.net
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