Puri moves to the new address in November 2012

This new area is close to Pu dong international airport as well as Chuan sha,size of factory space is about 1000 square meter. It’s twice big compare with previous one,it can suit CO2 laser tube mass production demands. The new factory is surrounded by a beautiful river, it has very nice environment. Now the it enter into the tense construction stage.
   浦镭工厂   周边小河
      Puri Laser Factory        Before the factory beautiful river
   工厂旁的公园   工厂旁的森林
   The factory side of the park      The factory side of the forest
HQ Room 2212-2216, 22nd Floor, No. 58,
Add: Jinxin Road, Pudong, Shanghai,China
Tel: 021-50318411 50318412
    50318413 50318414
Fax: 021-50318418   50318428
Email: info@goldensign.net

Factory Add: Heqin town, Pudong, Shanghai,China
Tel: 021-50429732 50429765 50429827
Fax: 021-55220967    
Email info@goldensign.net

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