Power supply and Pulse laser power supply introduce

What is the power supply?

To provide laser device for electricity to work.

Laser power supply classify

According to the work in different ways, laser power supply can divided into two kinds of continuous laser power and pulse laser power.

Pulse laser power supply

Pulse laser power supply is designed for pulse Nd: YAG laser power supply design. Using switching power supply, internal is controlled by single chip microcomputer, which is the real number control power supply. That through the touch mode operation panel parameters such as laser output power, frequency and pulse width, Users via keyboard programming of laser pulse waveform and parameters, the welding parameters match the welding requirements, in order to achieve the best welding effect. Thus can meet the demand of almost all metal welding, this is can ideal configuration, multi-function laser welding machine has the wrong operation and sutomatic over-temperature protection function etc.

Continuous laser power supply

Continuous laser power supply is a kind of high performance automatic ignition constant current power supply

The power in the form of fixed frequency adjustable width to achieve high precision of constant current output. Small output current ripple and high stability. The ignition part adopts a series of ignition, ignition coil LC pressure relay, low pressure constant current in place of the arc current level 3 stream way, cooperate with ignition monitoring circuit, automatic ignition, the ignition success rate as high as 99% above at a time. The high voltage pulse waveform rose gentle, intensity can be hierarchical adjustment, do adapt to the different dispersion, the breakdown voltage of krypton lamp can also reduce the electrode materials sputtering, reduce pressure trigger adverse effects on the service life of krypton lamp.


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